Yamaha launched the PW-ST drive system as the successor to the PW-SE in the 2020 model year.

The PW-ST has become about 100g lighter than its predecessor PW-SE and has for the first time a tilt sensor. In addition to the 4 support levels ECO+ / ECO / STD / HIGH, there is now an additional automatic mode in which the motor selects a suitable support level depending on the riding situation. Also, the motor should be able to better dose the power when starting uphill to prevent spinning of the rear wheel.

As with the other Yamaha PW-X, PW-SE, PW-TE motors, the PW-ST also communicates with the display via a CAN bus. The same displays are also used. Currently, there are the displays A, C and X that can be easily converted to each other. However, it is important to ensure that the display fits the model year of your bike, since Yamaha has modified the communication protocol from model year 2019. In addition, the connectors on the motor for the display have been “turned”. Until model year 2018, the connector on the motor was female, now it is male.

Available Yamaha-Displays


The PW-ST drive system is still used by many bike manufacturers in the 2022 model year:

  • Haibike
  • Winora
  • Lapierre
  • Ghost
  • Raymon
  • Gasgas


In our experience, this motor is ideal for tuning. The motor has no “tamper detection” like the Bosch drives.

Our tuning module for the PW-ST is intended for fixed installation under the motor cover and offers the following functions:

  • Automatic initialization, immediately ready for operation after installation – plug and ride.
  • Tuning can be turned on or off via the arrow keys on the control unit.
  • After switching on, the speed limit can be freely set in the range 25 – 45km/h (15.5 – 28mph) using the arrow keys. The last set value is stored.
  • The tuning is always turned off after switching on the bike.
  • Setting of a smoother “throttling behaviour” possible (dynamic mode). The otherwise very abrupt cut-off at the speed limit is thereby significantly softened. 
  • Individual activation code adjustable
  • Correct display of speed and distance traveled at all times.
  • Residual range calculation from current riding style with active tuning. 
  • Correct total mileage reading even after removing the tuning module, because the kilometers in the motor control are corrected by the tuning module.
  • Wheel circumference adjustable (+/-10%) to improve the accuracy of the speed display and distance measurement.

In addition to the PW-ST, the module is also suitable for the PW-SE, PW-X, PW-X2 and PW-TE drive. It does not matter which model year the motor comes from. The tuning recognizes this automatically and configures itself accordingly.

DYou can buy the module in our store under the following link:

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