After the successful launch of our new VOLspeed V4 for Bosch motors in October, we are now also introducing a new chip for Yamaha motors, the VOLspeed E-Bike Tuning for Yamaha PW-X / PW-X2 / PW-SE / PW-ST / PW-TE / PW-CE V3 in early February. With this tuning, it is now also possible to set a personal activation code for Yamaha motors. In addition, no setup is required after installation, the chip adjusts automatically.

The module is compatible with most Yamaha drive systems. Only the model year 2022 completely new Yamaha PW-X3 motor and the Yamaha PW, which has not been produced for some time, is not supported by this chip. For the PW we also have a chip, the VOLspeed for Yamaha PW, P/N 1003. On a solution for the PW-X3 we are already working.

Supported MotorsSupported Displays
Yamaha – PW-XDisplay X
Yamaha – PW-X2Display A (Sideswitch)
Yamaha – PW-SEDisplay C (Multiswitch)
Yamaha – PW-ST
Yamaha – PW-TE
Yamaha – PW-CE

The functions at a glance

  • New: Automatic initialization, immediately ready for operation after installation – plug and ride.
  • Tuning can be turned on or off via the arrow keys on the control unit.
  • After switching on, the speed limit can be freely set in the range 25 – 45km/h (15.5 – 28mph) using the arrow keys. The last set value is stored.
  • The tuning is always turned off after switching on the bike.
  • Setting of a smoother “throttling behaviour” possible (dynamic mode). The otherwise very abrupt cut-off at the speed limit is thereby significantly softened. 
  • New: Individual activation code adjustable
  • Correct display of speed and distance traveled at all times.
  • Residual range calculation from current riding style with active tuning. 
  • Correct total mileage reading even after removing the tuning module, because the kilometers in the motor control are corrected by the tuning module.
  • Wheel circumference adjustable (+/-10%) to improve the accuracy of the speed display and distance measurement.

Automatic initialisation – plug and ride

You can use the tuning immediately after plugging it in. No setup is necessary as with the predecessor model. Even when converting to another bike, temporarily removing the module or changing to another display, all necessary settings are automatically made by the module.

Individual activation code

Another new feature is the option to define your own code to activate the module. The code consists of a sequence of 5 support levels that must be selected in the set sequence.

To set your own code, simply connect the smaller two connectors of the module together. This activates a special code entry mode after the bike is turned on.

The total odometer reading on the display is used to indicate the set code. After switching on, “43434” is initially displayed here. This is the default code HIGH | STD | HIGH | STD | HIGH. Each digit represents a support level according to the following table.

DigitSupport Level
5EXPW (nur PW-X / PW-X2)

Display before code definition

By changing the support levels, you can now define your own code. With the first keystroke, the standard code “43434” is deleted and the currently set level is displayed instead, see also the following example step 2. With each change of the support level, the current support level is now appended on the right, see example, steps 3-7. As soon as 5 digits have been entered, the code is complete and can be saved. If more digits are entered, the first digit is deleted, see step 7.


StepKeyODO LevelNote
143434 STDCode: HIGH | STD | HIGH | STD | HIGH
2Arrow down2 ECOCode not complete
3Arrow down 21 +ECO Code not complete
4Arrow up212 ECO Code not complete
5Arrow up 2123 STD Code not complete
6Arrow down 21232 ECOCode: ECO | +ECO | ECO | STD | ECO
7Arrow up 12323 STDCode: +ECO | ECO | STD | ECO | STD
Display after code definition

The code is saved when the bike is switched off. If you want to adjust the code, simply switch on the bike again and enter it again.

If you then restore the cables to their original state, you will only be able to activate the tuning after entering the set code.


The module is available from 7 Feb 22 in our webshop and from many dealers:


English Manual

German Manual

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