As early as 2021, Yamaha presented the new PW-X3 motor as the successor to the PW-X2 at the leading trade show Eurobike. Compared to the predecessor, the motor is significantly smaller. An impressive 20% less volume has the PW-X3 and also 10% less weight. Especially by the smaller volume, the motor can now be integrated visually much more inconspicuous into the frame. The PW-X2 was often called less affectionately “pot-bellied pig”, because the motor hung very far down. This is no longer the case with the PW-X3. As a result, the bikes of course also have a significantly higher ground clearance in comparison.

Yamaha PW-X3 in a Haibike AllTrail 7

However, hardly any bikes with this motor were delivered in 2021 and 2022. Only Giant delivered this motor shortly after its presentation at the Eurobike in the Reign E+ as “Syncdrive Pro2”. A VOLspeed module has been available for this since the beginning of 2022, with consistently positive customer feedback so far.

Giant uses its own software and displays for the motor, so that this module is not compatible with the original PW-X3, which is now gradually being delivered in more and more bikes. From 20. January 2023 a tuning is now also available for the PW-X3, the VOLspeed for Yamaha PW-X3 V3 with the part number 1253. The module is released as version 3 right at launch, because all the functions of the module are exactly identical to our VOLspeed for the Yamaha PW-X, PW-X2, PW-ST, PW-SE and PW-TE V3 and the software was mostly taken over from it.

VOLspeed for Yamaha PW-X3 V3 (P/N 1253)

By the way, almost exactly 5 years ago the first VOLspeed tuning module came on the market – a tuning for the PW motor – and in the course of time new modules for the Yamaha motors with an improved range of functions or for new motor types were added. In the following selection guide you will find the currently available modules. You can easily find the right one for your Yamaha motor. If the “LCD” or “LED” display is installed on the bike, the bike is undoubtedly equipped with the PW motor, even if this motor is sometimes labeled differently by some bike manufacturers. With display A, C or X, you now have to additionally check which motor is installed in the bike for the selection of the appropriate module with the appearance of the PW-X3, since the module for the PW-X3 has other connectors.

Overview VOLspeed modules for Yamaha drive systems

Even at market launch in 2018, the first VOLspeed modules were able to shine with some unique selling points. They were the first tunings in which the speed limit could be freely set via the control unit on the bike. The dynamic mode, which allows the motor to shut down more gently when the speed limit is reached, was also unique. Even today, it is not self-evident that you can freely set the limit, and a function for smoothly cutting the motor support at the set limit is sought in vain in other modules. These functions should not be underestimated, since the power consumption can still be kept within reasonable limits by “slightly” raising the speed limit, and the range does not suffer too much compared to the complete removal of the limit.

The new module for the PW-X3 offers a bit more. It is also possible to adjust the wheel circumference by +/- 10% to achieve a more accurate speed display and distance measurement, if the wheel circumference stored in the motor does not fit exactly to the tires. It is also possible to set a personal activation code.

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The following video shows the installation and operation on a Haibike AllTrail 7

There is also a separate video for operation with the Interface X

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