This notice applies to the following products:

1197Ebike Tuning for Giant Syncdrive V3
1234Ebike Tuning for Giant Syncdrive Sport / Pro / Life / Core V4
1251Ebike Tuning for Giant Syncdrive Pro2 / Sport2 V4

We are currently receiving an increasing number of reports from customers about problems with Giant bikes following software updates. According to our findings to date, the problems always occur directly or shortly after a software update of the Smart Gateway module to software version 20240314000. It does not matter whether the tuning was removed for the update. The motor type is also irrelevant. So far, only bikes from model year 2022 onwards have been affected.

The following problems were reported to us:

  • Incorrect speed display
  • Incorrect total odometer value
  • Bike switches off again shortly after switching on
  • No motor support
  • Battery can no longer be charged in the bike
  • Tuning cannot be activated with Ride Dash 2-in-1
  • Motor locked, error code 6A (tamper detection)

We therefore strongly advise against updating the drive system software. We also warn against using the Ride Control app, as this could force updates to the drive system.

So far, we have not been able to reproduce any of the reported problems on our test bikes with the Smart Gateway module. We therefore do not currently know what is causing them and whether the tuning is fuelling the errors.

For affected customers, the problems always persist even after the tuning has been removed.

We will endeavour to obtain one or more affected bikes for fault analysis as soon as possible. We will inform you here as soon as we have any new findings.

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